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Our Process

L.I.F.T. uses a 7 stage process. Each stage smoothly transitions from one to another. Below the stages are outlined, followed by a breakdown of the practical actions and procedures we use to achieve all the stages. 

7 Stages

Stage 1: Discovery of personal core values and aspirations

Stage 2: Clearly define goals

Stage 3: Analysis and assessment of current circumstances

Stage 4: Structure and goal planning

Stage 5: Implementation of programme

Stage 6: Coaching and sustained behavioural change

Stage 7: Dynamic reassessment

Initial Consultation

Your journey with L.I.F.T. starts with a free online health questionnaire, to help us understand more about Your journeys of your life you'd like to change. Once we've received your questionnaire we'll schedule an initial free consultation, which can be done within London, the phone or via Skype online. During the purpose of the consultation is to understand more about you and your aspirations, discuss your questionnaire results, make suggestions about testing, and speak about the programmes and services we believe will help remove your barriers and allow you to achieve your goals.

Coaching - Personal Discovery and Goal Setting (optional)

Some people contact us with clearly defined goals and aspirations; however, the large majority of people need to become clearer about what they want from life. If you're someone who's on a journey of self discovery, we recommended a couple of coaching sessions with us before designing your bespoke programmes. In these sessions we'll delve into your core values and define what resonates with your as an individual. From there, we'll be able to establish clear values, and attainable goals and aspirations for you to focus on.

Analysis and Testing

Once we understand your goals, we need to analyse your current routine, habits and behaviour to understand where change can happen. For each programme this process is slightly different; however, it usually requires keeping track of your daily routine for a period of one week. Testing is another element that separates L.I.F.T programmes from the typical, generic, unpersonalised programmes flooding the industry. Through our questionnaire, we'll be able to determine whether we believe any testing is necessary or useful for you.  



At this stage we'll have a clear picture of your values, goals, aspirations, lifestyle, opportunity, motivation, knowledge and physiology. Therefore, we have all the information we need to develop you programmes that really will change your life. We offer 4 kinds of programmes - exercise, nutrition, sleep and lifestyle. Ultimately all of these programmes overlap into one holistic picture; however, enormous benefits can be achieved by following anyone of these programmes.

Exercise programmes: Designed in relation toyour goals, capability, knowledge, opportunity, motivation, current health, commitments and access to facilities. We can also provide insight into new technologies and techniques for exercise such as, occulus bands, transcranial direct current stimulation, callisthenics, plyometrics, HIT, band training and muscle rehabilitation.


Nutritional programmes: Designed in relation to your goals, capability, knowledge, opportunity, motivation, genetics, microbiology, food preferences, intolerances, allergies and commitments. Depending on your current health, well-being and symptomology, we may suggest different diet schedules such as intermittent fasting, fasting, and five two fasting. As well as different base diets that we build upon over time, such as FODMAPs, high fibre or juicing.


Sleep programmes: Designed in relation to elements such as, screen time, room temperature, sleep environment, food timing, light therapy, hormonal rhythms, sleep hygiene, supplementation, diet and in part genetics; however, the research in this field is still developing. 

Lifestyle programmes: Designed in relation to your goals, motivation, schedule, behaviours, recreational time, communication style, learning style, ambitions, motivation and mindset. Within our lifestyle programmes, we use cutting edge research, techniques and therapies to harmonise your mind and body with modern society. Some examples include, light therapy, immune system conditioning, temperature therapy, animal-assisted therapy, wilderness therapy, fasting and mindfulness.


Another advantage of choosing L.I.F.T, is gaining access to our large network of professionals who offer services to help facilitate and deliver against your programmes. Such as, personal training, nutritional assessment, life coaching, chronotherapy (sleep therapy), yoga, mindfulness, counselling, psychotherapy, CBT, physiotherapy, acupuncture, colonic hydrotherapy and massage. We also have access to some of the latest lifestyle enhancing technologies such as, tDCS training, light therapy, occlusion training, faecal microbiota transplantation and rTMS. 

Re-assessment, Re-testing and follow up consultations

Each programme has a different lifespan and requires a different kind of re-evaluation. Exercise programmes typically need changing every 6-8 weeks, to enable muscle confusion and focus on one element of development at a time (building muscle, lowering body fat, improving strength). You can adjust our nutritional programmes yourself, using our nutritional calculator. However, you made decided to invest in further recipes or need a new programme if your dietary preferences change. Our lifestyle programmes may need tweaking during periods of order and completely readjusting during periods of disorder. For example once you achieve a goal, you may want our help in defining your next set of goals, based on a similar lifestyle. However, if you decided to change careers, move house or have a sudden major shift in circumstances, you may decide to completely re-analyse and define your lifestyle. Our sleep programmes only need re-assessment if you change your sleep environment or have a dramatic change in responsibilities, which affect your opportunity to keep the same sleeping schedule

Finally, after 3 - 6 months, we recommended re-testing your biological metric to objectively measure your progress. At this stage you'll develop a greater understanding of how your body responds to our different programmes and you'll gain an objective snapshot of your body's data, when it's functioning at its healthiest. If you run into any challenges in your future, this blueprint of your health will allow you to know exactly what to aim for, in order to make a full recovery and understand exactly how your body should look when you're feeling your best.

Online coaching 

This unique offering is the similar to having one of our trainers coaching you in person with two differences:


         1. You MUST be self-motivated and disciplined to get the most out of the knowledge, structure and                         opportunity we provide. Without the benefit of our one to one in person coaching, you will need to be                   dedicated, disciplined, and focused. If you’re struggling with motivation, then we suggest starting with                   coaching around mind-management.​

         2. You get the benefit of our top-level online coaching expertise at the click of a button, but at a massively              discounted price compared to what we charge in person in our London training environments.


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