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"Almost everything we own comes with an instruction manual, and now we've entered an age that allows us to write a manual for ourselves"


At Lifestyle, Innovation & Fitness Therapies (L.I.F.T.) we believe that there are four cornerstones to achieving optimised health, prosperity and well-being. Those cornerstones are exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and sleep. L.I.F.T. provides programmes, services, testing and access to therapies built around these cornerstones, which allow people to achieve their goals and aspirations. The L.I.F.T. method is broken into 7 stages. 

  • Stage 1: Discovery of personal core values and aspirations

  • Stage 2: Clearly define goals

  • Stage 3: Analysis and assessment of current circumstances

  • Stage 4: Structure and goal planning

  • Stage 5: Implementation of programme

  • Stage 6: Coaching and sustained behavioural change

  • Stage 7: Dynamic reassessment

Our process is malleable and all 7 stages aren't always necessary. If you already understand your core values, aspirations and goals, then it's more appropriate for your journey to start at stage 3. If however, you're on a journey of self-discovery and looking for guidance and exploration, then you should start your journey at stage 1. 

Some societies indoctrinate people into living in an extremely unnatural way, which comes with a host of side effects, such as: Obesity, Stress, Insomnia, Burn Out, Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression and Chronic illness; to name a few. 

The goo news is science, research and technologies are starting to help us understand the impact modern societal norms have on our mind and bodies, and suggest ways to help us manage ourselves better in the modern world. Sadly, because of political and socio-economic reasons, the majority of this hugely beneficial information isn't distributed throughout the public domain. 

We believe that everyone is different and that a 'one size fits all approach' simply doesn't work! Have you ever wondered why one person can devour a large box of milk chocolates and stay in shape, while another can simply look at a cupcake and gain weight? Or why two people who are the same weight and height, have completely different responses to the same type of exercise? Twin studies have shown us in recent years, that there are complex interactions between our genetics, epigenetics, microbiome, diet, immune system and lifestyles. These studies suggest that we are only partially defined by our genetic makeup, and that we can be the authors of our own destiny.  We now know that the mind, body and external world are all intrinsically linked, so we have developed a holistic, multi-staged process, based on active listening, questionnaires, testing and therapies proven to deliver results.


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