How energy efficient are you?

Updated: Mar 13

It appears that we’re fast approaching a pivotal moment in human experience. In terms of human hospitality, trends suggest that the planet is on the brink of environmental chaos. Across the globe efforts are being made to reduce our footprint on the planets ecosystem, in order to restore a balance between humans and environment, where we work sustainably alongside one another.

To my knowledge there’s a lot of information, attention and emphasis placed on behaviours such as recycling, fuel consumption and energy conservation, which are all important and constructive endeavours. However, I find it strange and somewhat disconnected that we seem to focus a lot on actions I’d consider external, before focusing on elements closer to our own being.

Just like any other system, - physically - the human body receives input and expels output, which can be quantified to an adequate level of accuracy. When it comes to physical measures of human energy, we use calories to quantify input and expenditure. Input comes in the form of nutrition and expenditure comes in the form of basic metabolic rate (which is the amount of energy we need to sustain homeostatic processes), and total daily energy expenditure, (which covers any additional physical expenditure we experience throughout the day).

There’s a basic rule in life that I’ve come to agree with, which is “get your house in order before you criticise the world”. However, I think this notion extends further and carries vigour in a more intricate and nuanced way. I believe we should aim to align behaviours that are close to our own being, before trying to make changes to elements that are more distanced from our personal existence. Experience has taught me that making small changes and constructive decisions that affect me intimately, results in organic constructive change across a larger external plane.

In the context of energy efficiency, I believe balancing nutrition, basic metabolic rate and total daily energy expenditure results in lower energy waste across a wider horizon. Simply eating less and becoming more active lowers unnecessary agricultural, automotive, industrial, health and financial waste. Leaving both the individual and planet feeling better, more efficient and stable.

What do you think… How energy efficient would you consider yourself? Should we focus more on ourselves, before attempting to fix the bigger problems? Does focusing on ourselves, in turn fix, or at least begin to fix the wider dilemmas we’re facing?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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