Initial Consultation & Questionnaire

Our initial consultation is a 30 minute conversation, which allows us get to know you better, understand what goals you'd like to achieve and speak about our recommendations. This conversation can be done via Skype or in person.

After payment has been received we'll send you out our health questionnaire, which will need to be completed before your consultation. In our first consultation we'll speak about your goals, the services you'd like to explore and the recommendations we'd suggest. 

With these insights we can overcome the barriers that may stop you from reaching your goals, and design completely unique, tailored programmes that work with you, for you. 

Please allow for 2 working days between filling in your questionnaire and booking your initial consultation date.

Price | Free

We use consultations to initiate programmes and start people on their bespoke journey of health, lifestyle and fitness. We also use consultations as follow up discussions, where we analyse progress, make small adaptations to programmes and to initiate any retesting,  

which provides our clients with biomarkers and templates of their health when it's at it's optimum. Currently we offer two types of consultation.  

Follow-up/Progress Consultation

Our follow up consultations allow us to monitor and discuss your progress and make adjustments to your programmes. Depending on the lifestyle programmes you've chosen, our follow up consultations may be best suited either monthly or quarterly. During these consultations we may suggest that your retest elements such as your microbiome and blood work.


Once you're feeling an improvement, obtaining a copy of what your physiological health looks like can be invaluable information. If you run into ill health in the future, a blueprint of how you looked at your healthiest will act as a great guide to get you back on track. These sessions typically last 30 minutes.

Price | £30


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