Tailored Lifestyle programme & Consultation

• Access and suggestions around the most cutting edge lifestyle technologies & therapies

• In depth analysis of current lifestyle
• Work/life balance examination

• Accurate and peer reviewed methods for success and achieving goals

• Support for reaching goals

• Results document for Motivation, BMI, BMR, TDEE, Well-being, Focus and Sleep

• Recommendations document, which includes the tests and programmes we believe will serve you best

• Road map to success
• Suggestions around motivation and behavioural change techniques
• Access to a wide variety of therapies and technologies

When we embark upon your new lifestyle journey we conduct an in depth examination of your current lifestyle, behaviours and commitments, using questionnaires, lifestyle diaries and conversation. We also have the option for testing an array of biological elements such as your genetic traits, food allergies and intolerances, microbiome profile, hormones and neurotransmitter levels. This allows us to make positive changes that are specific to your commitments, habits and needs, oppose to suggesting generic advice and changes that may not be preferable for everyone. 

With slow and steady changes in planning and scheduling, with time slots in your diary dedicated to therapies, recreation and activities that improve your lifestyle, we expect to see a significant drop is feelings of stress, anxiety and low mood. We want to achieve sustainable behvarioural change that results in creating the world you want around you. Leaving you feeling happy, stress free, purposeful and fulfilled when faced with any of life’s challenges. 

The modern Western lifestyle provides all the elements for creating the perfect storm of Stress and Burnout. Science and research now understands which behaviours and techniques lower stress, which can be implemented to avoid burnout before it happens. Some of these interventions have been developed through advances in innovation and technology. Others are ancient and have been used by our ancestors for millennia, only to be rediscovered and confirmed more recently by science. Our Well-being programmes are based around cutting edge research and may incorporate new technologies such as, Light Therapy, Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (rTDS) and Microbiome augmentation, alongside ancient teachings and practises such as, Mindfulness, Sauna Therapy and Acupuncture.

Price | £200

Our lifestyle services focus on wide range of therapies, coaching and programmes, to help people achieve the lifestyles and life goals they aspire towards. You'll be assigned your own personal coach, who will use a multistage process to intricately understand 

your life goals. We will then

use the latest in lifestyle research and lifestyle Psychology to introduce new behaviours, schedules, therapies and recreation around your current lifestyle and commitments. You're only as strong as your team! Surround yourself with people who make you a better person! 

Lifestyle Coaching

Our coaching provides a process that enables you to achieve your full potential and reach your wellbeing, lifestyle and fitness goals. In our sessions we will facilitate the exploration of your needs, motivations, desires, skills and thought processes to assist you in making real, lasting change. We observe, listen and ask questions to understand your current challenges, and we use active listening and questioning techniques, which allow you to understand your thought processes better and emotions better.


This will allow us to identify solutions and actions that work for you, compared to a direct one-size fit all approach. We support you in setting appropriate, achievable goals and suggest methods and techniques that will allow you to achieve these goals. We will consistently assess your progress in relation to these goals and adjust and adapt your programme as you progress. We maintain a positive attitude; provide you with supportive and non-judgemental advice towards your views, lifestyle and aspirations. And we aim to manage our relationship to ensure that you receive the appropriate level of service and support.

Price | £60 | 60 min


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